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I’m new to this community and I’ve developed somewhat of a crush on my media teacher, I’ll call him Mr W.
Well, I spent two hours with him today, and because I missed his lecture on Wednesday when I entered and walked past him he whispered, “are you ok?”
After the hour I’d spent in his lesson, I was packing up my books and getting ready to leave when he asked me to stay behind. Except he used the nickname he gave me at the start of the 2 year course, which is Lils…Short for Lily. Btw I’m 18.
So, I did and he asked if I was okay and what happened on Wednesday we were just chatting when he placed his hand on my leg. Now, I didn’t think much into it as he’s always like that with me, he’ll prod me to get my attention, sit next to me during class etc.
So, I came back after lunch to spend the hour with him and doing some revision. When I’d gotten a text off of my ex-boyfriend. He asked who it was and when I told him he sort of straightened up and asked what he wanted.
After that he became curious about why he dumped me, when I told him it was because he thought I was too fat he gasped. (I had an eating disorder for four years and I weigh 102lbs btw my ex is a prick)
He told me that I was too pretty and that I shouldn’t have even dated him as he wasn’t right for me.
Then he grabbed my hand and told me that if I ever need to talk he cuddled me after that bit, but didn’t remove his arm from around me which was playing with a strand of hair.

I don’t know what to make of this. I don’t know if he is just being friendly or not.
He isn’t married, and he’s single as far as I know. But he’s pushing 50 and he’s the sweetest guy, very intelligent and we share the same interest in music and movies.
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