Dainty Beauty (dainty_beauty) wrote in professorfetish,
Dainty Beauty

two professor crushes and a diploma later, it ain't over

Some would call it a fetish, but I think it's a coincidence that most of my fancies up to this point has been directed at men in their 50's, give or take a decade. I'm not a newbie at this community. I used to be known as __goldengirl and trying to get over my crush on my economic professor. Some of you may be acquainted with lolita2002 (whom I consider a pal even if she's gone now. I bet she would sympathize with me and the rest of you. I still log in to my old account to revisit her beautifully narrated predicament and it was so nice of her to share.) I come back here once more for advice or just plain talking with good folks who has went through the exact same thing, because right now I'm in such emotional torture, only talking with likeminded folks can help ease my pains a little. I really have nobody to turn to for this, so please. 
I have made my journal public for the people of this community. I merely have a total of 5 entries, each are not very long or wordy and won't take you five minute to skim through. Please leave a comment if you have something constructive to say. If you're going to judge, at least tell me your rationale. In the meantime, I'm going to catch up on what I missed in this and similar communities while I was gone to kill time.  
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