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Talked to my History teacher from 8th grade. He is 39 now I think, and I'm 16. I used to be completely inlove with this man. Went before school to play chess with him, he was my part time coach in soccer back then and he would always talk to me about how I could do some much with my life. He was such in inspiration and he cared so much about me, I used to love having conversations about anything. He used to come to all my wrestling matches back then (I was the only girl on the team) and was very encouraging.

When on the last day of 8th grade I hugged him for so long. I can't believe he allowed me to or even talked to me like he did because at the begining of the year he stood in front of the class and says: "My name is Mr.S and I'm not going to be your friend so don't pat me on the back and ask me what I'm doing for the weekend". To make fun of him one time after chess I patted him on the back and asked him what he was going to do and he smiled then told me.

Well, I have seen him about 3 times since 8th grade and always ran to hug him. Friday my Gramaw came home and told me that Mr.S came into the resturant she works at and he asked her about me and how I was doing and told her to tell me to email him. She came home, knowing that I loved him and smiled and told me the news. I was so excited. I quickly emailed him and told him that I was glad to hear from him and that he was still me favorite teacher and asked how he was doing. I came home today after church and had a new email from him! Heres what it said:



It is good to hear from you.  Your Grandmother told me that you are doing rather well in school, that makes me very pleased.  You are a very bright girl and I wish you nothing but the best in the future.  Is high school giving you opportunities outside the academic world?  You need to take advantage of the clubs and organizations that are there at AHS.  This is suppose to be a time in your life to enjoy and prepare for the future, but the best is yet to come.  Enjoy each step in the journey of life!

Here at is rather busy.  I am teaching SEVENTH grade now and still coaching when I am needed.  I am now pursuing a master's degree and thus have a lot of my own homework to squeeze in.  There never seems to be enough time to read and study everything I would like to.  Do you feel the same?  Time seems different to teenagers than it does to "older" people.  (no smart comments)  I will close now and look forward to hearing good things about your life and WHERE you are going to college.  (hint)  Drop a message from time to time and keep me informed of your exceptional progress, or if you have a History question.  ;-)


Mr. Schrader


So I mailed quickly back telling him about school and life and everything. It was long and boring to you all, but I did jokingly call him old. So I'm now waiting around for tomorrow or sometime this week hopefully for his next message.

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