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Lunch/Dinner or Coffee/Tea?

 Oh dear... did this message sound too desperate or creepily worded?  I really need your help ladies and possibly gentlemen (I haven't really been aware of the existence of any in this particular community, but if your there... I could use your help, too!).  

Four days ago I sent a message to one of my instructors who I've really enjoyed this semester, and who will be leaving to teach in another state. I just wanted to sincerely thank him in person and not through some crappy impersonal e-mail (which I may just end up having to do), so I sent him an e-mail invitation.

It reads:

"Hi (His Name),

I meant to thank you for your contributions to the wonderful semester I've had, but didn't quite get to due to an overload of finals and grading. I'm not sure if you're still around, but it would bring me much pleasure if i could treat you to lunch/dinner or coffee/tea sometime later on this week or the next.  Please let me know if and when you can, and also pick a location that you may miss once you've left (our state) for good.

-(My name)"

Maybe I am being impatient, but my confidence is dwindling everyday he doesn't reply.  I know he could be in the process of moving, out of town visiting family before the big move, or just think I'm such a creeper. I guess that's my fear at the moment, that in the midst of trying to thank him and letting him know what a great instructor he is before he leaves , I have dubbed myself as a creeper.
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