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A New Passion for Physics

School just started again a few weeks ago for me. I wasn't expecting anything spectacular this quarter since the classes I'm taking all seem quite dull (as well as insanely difficult). But they're requirements for my major so I had to take them. My first class was Physics I. As I was sitting in the lecture hall, waiting for the professor to come in and start the class, I thought back about what was said on in regards to my soon-to-be Physics professor. Every single comment about him had to do with how "nice" he was and how "willing" he was to help his students succeed in the class. Overall, he got a very high rating. What was intriguing was the red chili pepper he received on the site (for those who don't use, students give attractive professors red chili peppers to indicate how "hot" they are). I was very amused about that but also very curious. Although, I have to admit, I didn't quite trust the judgment of other girls so much. Sure, other girls may find him hot, but that doesn't mean I would.

How wrong I was. While I was going through all of that in my head, he finally walked in. To my great surprise, he was our professor. At first glance, I thought he was a student! He looked fairly young, about in his late twenties to early thirties (but I would guess early thirties, it would be very difficult to get a Ph.D. in Physics so soon). He was pretty tall, at least taller than me, about 5'11" to 6'. He was very fit--meaning he definitely wasn't super skinny but wasn't a bit overweight either. He had a nice body. He had clean cut dark brown hair with eyes that I just discovered today to be blue. His blue eyes were truly gorgeous. They reminded me of the sunlight's reflection upon the Nordic Sea.

When he smiled, which was often, he seemed to light up the entire room. He was very youthful, very energetic, and always appeared to be in a good mood. He loved telling jokes and loved making others laugh. Yet, at the same time, he could be serious when needed to be. He treated everyone very kindly. He was...really a gentleman. Everything that was said about him on, to my surprise, appeared to be true.

Oh, and he takes great care of himself. His clothes are always nice, fitting his perfect frame perfectly. And he actually smells good, whether from cologne or aftershave, I can't really tell, but I'm going to guess aftershave since his fragrance isn't too bold but light and fresh. He smells like that every day and I know because of the times he walked past me or when I came close to talk to him. He always smelled good.

Anyways, after seeing him in lecture, I kicked myself a bit for not having registered for his lab class. Instead, I was in another Physics lab, taught by another instructor. However, good news came a week later; my lab class was canceled due to low enrollment, so the university gave me two choices; I have the option of getting into another lab or drop the entire Physics course altogether. Of course, I chose the former. On the other hand, the bad news was that now that we're already a week into the fall quarter, I couldn't just sign myself up for another Physics lab, I needed the consent of my professor. And that was when I started approaching him.

I told him my worries about being completely dropped from the course now that I was no longer in any lab classes. I told him how much his class meant to me because it was part of my major. He, then, reassuringly smiled at me and said, "Don't worry, I'm not going to let you drop, I promise! All you gotta do is go to any lab section you wish to be in, get the instructor to sign a form for you, give the form to the department, and they'll enroll you in."

I didn't want to be in any other lab class. I wanted to be in his. Unfortunately though, his was waitlisted, so it wasn't guaranteed that I'll make it into the class in time before the late registration period ended for the quarter, and if I don't make it into lab, the university would automatically drop me from the entire Physics course (both lab and lecture). Unluckily for me, the late registration period was within two days. His lab class was tomorrow. So in the hopes that he would somehow find it in his heart to enroll me into lab first without me having to be on the waitlist, I visited his office. This time, I told him about the waitlist and about how badly I wanted to be in his lab and how much I fear about getting dropped from the course. He then simply said, "Follow me, I'll enroll you in right now."

I looked up, surprised, "Really?"


Then my conscience reminded me of the other students desperately waiting on the waitlist and how (admittedly) unfair that I got in first before they did. "But...what about those on the waitlist?"

"I'll enroll them in too! I'm making sure everybody gets in! But you get to be in first since you're here," he said, pretty cheerfully.

"Oh, alright," I responded, in a much better mood than I was before.

Following him to the department, I watched as he took a slip of paper off one of the counters, wrote his course name and number on it, and signed it with his signature. He then gave the paper to me, telling me to sign it as well. Immediately, I couldn't help but notice the elaborate elegance of his signature. Even his signature looks nice, I thought to myself while signing the form. I then gave the slip to the secretary of the department, who looked at it, and enrolled me into the class on her computer. After thanking her, I turned around to thank my professor as well, only to my disappointment that he had disappeared.

I made sure to thank him in lab the next morning, in which he smiled and responded, "It really was no problem."

A couple of weeks later, I found myself to be in another sort of dilemma. He had assigned us some pre-lab questions that were supposed to be done as homework before lab. Yet, he still possessed our lab notebooks and wouldn't return them until we meet for lab again. As a result, I was forced to write in the lab manual, answering all of the pre-lab questions he had assigned us. When lab started, I asked him whether he would like me to turn in the pre-lab questions written in the notebook. When he said yes, I then asked him since I did all the questions in the manual, whether he would like me to re-write both the questions and my answers in the notebook or just my answers only. Alarmed, he said, "Oh, I forgotten that you have to re-write them. Hm...if that's too much writing, would you like me to go and make a copy of the questions so you can just tape them into your notebook? It's no big deal."

I quickly responded, "Oh no! You don't have to do that! I can just re-write them. Answers only, right?"

"Yeah, answers only. Are you sure though?" he said, still looking very concerned.

I laughed, "I'm sure. That's not too much work at all."

He smiled, "Okay then."  I found myself blush a little at his smile, so I quickly looked back down at my work. Luckily, he didn't notice as he was rushing off to help another student.

It was then I realized how hard I had fallen for him. I was touched by the idea that he would go through the trouble of walking all the way to the computer lab and pay the school's copy machine (yes, copies are charged at my university) just so he can spare me the little bit of trouble of writing down a few numbers. I know that that's the kind of person he is and that he would do the same for any and every student, but I couldn't help but find how gallant he was just for offering to help.

He was very attractive physically but he was also so attractive personality-wise. Everything the girls said at ratemyprofessor was true. He really did sincerely cared for his students.

Just when I was thinking this, my heart broke a little at the thought that it's possible he may teach only Physics I but not Physics II and III, the other two classes I also must take after completing Physics I. So, gathering my courage, I went up to bother him once again.

"Do you know if you're going to teach Physics II and III also?" I asked.

Again, with the radiant smile, "Oh yes, yes I am."  My heart did a happy back-flip. I was going to be in his class for this whole year.

"Yeah..." he continued, "They don't have that many Physics teachers around so they need someone and that's me. Guess you're gonna be stuck with me then."

The way he said it was so cute. He actually thought that being stuck with him was a bad thing! I was so tempted to reassure him that I didn't mind being in his class and how I thought he was one of the best professors I've ever had. But I shied away from saying such things and walked away. Maybe I'll tell him some day.


I'll continue to post on here as long as I'm in his class! Although I'm not looking for advice on anything, I just need someone to share this experience with. Thanks for reading :)
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