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Thanks to him, I'm in a good mood

I was walking across campus today and what do you know! I bumped into Dr. Physics. The funny thing was that being as blind as I was (actually, I'm near-sighted, but I rarely wear my glasses), I didn't recognize him at first. I saw a tall, lean figure looking at me but like the first time I met him, I confused him for a student, being as young as he was. But he continued staring at me and as we got closer, he cheerfully said, "Hi! How's it going?" I must've blushed the instant I recognized him. But quickly putting such feelings aside, I responded, "I'm good! What about you?"

"Good, good," he said cheerfully as he began walking away.

Now wanting our conversation to end so quickly,  I stupidly added, "I just turned in my physics notebook in your mailbox."

"Oh, great," he said, continuing to smile that cute smile of his.

"Yeah, um..take care," I began to notice that he was in a hurry.

"Thanks, you too."

Even though our conversation was extremely brief, I was happy that he was able to recognize my face even before I did his. His class is huge, yet he remembered me. I was so pleasantly surprised about that.
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