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He has such a cute smile

Just this week in our physics lab, my lab partner and I were arguing over how to interpret the numbers on the computer screen. After about fifteen minutes of arguing, I grew fed up, raised my hand, and waited for Dr. Physics to come over. When he did, I asked him whether or not the way I interpreted the data was correct. To my relief, he said yes. I turned to my stubborn lab partner and said, "I TOLD YOU!" Seeing my lab partner shaking his head in disbelief, for my own amusement, I decided to rub it in more and continued to rant on, "I told you, I told you, I told you. Oh my God, I can't belief we spent like, half a damn hour, arguing over this when we would've been done with the experiment like all the other students. Damn, this is all your fault." Then suddenly, my professor, who was still standing next to me the whole time listening to the  conversation, looked at me straight in the eyes and laughed. He was completely amused at the way I reprimanded my lab partner. Even when he laughed, his face seemed to light up. As I watched him, I didn't realize until later that I, too, was smiling--not because I was right and my partner was wrong, but somehow it touched me to see that I was able to make Dr. Physics laugh.
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