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The end of an era

I used to have a massive crush on my high school French teacher, who is turning 28 this year ( He was only 22 when he started teaching us, a fact I find it hard to get my head around). It was quite possibly the most depressing experience ever, and resulted in me doing some slightly stupid things in an an attempt to get over him. But a few weeks ago on Facebook, he changed his status to 'Married'...and the brilliant thing is, I felt nothing. Except maybe mild surprise. If this had happened a few years ago when I'd just left school, I probably would have wanted to go on a homicidal rampage and kill his wife, then I'd drink myself into oblivion and perhaps have a few one-night stands or something like that. But now, it barely even registered beyond 'He's married...and I'm completely cool with it....awesome!' This is something that's been haunting me for so long, affecting the way I relate to guys my own age, and now I'm finally free. And it feels great. 
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