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So tomorrow's my last day of class with him. I graduate next week and will say goodbye to the college I've grown to love and think of as my second home (heh, well maybe my first since I hate my real home), but tomorrow will be the last day I ever have my prof again. I'm really, really sad. I've been dropping hints that I'm graduating soon in the hopes that I'll get some sort of response--a congrats, a hug, a "It was so nice having you as a student all these years", but I get nothing. In class last week, all the graduating seniors had their caps/gowns in plastic baggies because it was pick-up day and he said, "Aw, everyone's got their caps and gowns!" and proceeded to look at everyone and get a name count of those who were graduating, and he completely bypassed me! There were only 3 other girls who had their caps/gowns so it's not like he could've missed me (and only a total of 10 students in the whole class so it's not like I got lost in the crowd). And every time I tell him I'm graduating, he completely changes the subject or just blows it off. And it's not like he's not the sentimental type--I've heard him saying congrats to a girl in the class before.

This really hurts me because we have a history, you know? And I want some sort of goodbye. Why would he do this to me?
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