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Finally remembers my name

After about...I think three weeks into the quarter, he finally remembers my name (well, everybody's names now to be exact). Which is good since I'm going to be in his class  for this entire year, I was hoping he wouldn't just refer to me as "hey". Besides that, he was acting really peculiar today and now I'm beginning to suspect he knows I have a crush on him. He was joking around with one of the male students but instead of looking at that student, he looked directly at me and waited for me to laugh at his jokes, like I usually do. He didn't even seem to care whether the student he was talking to was amused by it or not, he only waited for my reaction, even though I wasn't even in the conversation. Maybe I'm just reading too much into his behavior. But from my experience, the last time a guy did the same thing (joked with someone else, but looked directly at me and waited for my reaction), it turned out he had a crush on me, which he later admitted. I'm not saying Dr. Physics is instantly crushing on me like I am on him, but I think he must've sensed my flirtations and maybe retaliating. I have to admit I've been seriously horrible at trying not to flirt  with him. I would've received an F for that.
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