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Professor Fetish♥
First I want to welcome all who join and also watch the community! So, welcome! ;] ... As you know by the username, This is a community about you, students and former students who have/had crushes on their teachers/professors...

What's In This Community?

So far, I've come up with THREE things you can do in this community:

One: You may talk about the professor you love [Posting Pictures to show him or her off is optional. If you do have a picture, please secure it as a friends-only post for their privacy or something like that.. haha]
Two: You may write fictions about student-teacher relationships, or fictions of teachers in general, but please put a lj-cut in the entry so it doesn't overload anyone's friends list. :]
Three: You may also claim a teacher/professor ~> from ANYWHERE!!! Yes, EVEN IN MOVIES! You can only have one claim per user, but if there is an icon or banner done for this community, there will be an exception ;]